Language assistants program 2014-2015


Orientation Session 2014-2015 2 October 2014

Objectives: inform assistants and school representatives about the characteristics of the program as well as formalities and procedures for the parties involved.

PDF spanish Orientation Session Program 2014-2015

PPTX Presentation Paperwork assistants || PPTX Presentations from mentors || PPTX Presentation in Madrid for MECD assistants
PPTX Presentation Jillian Twadowrski
|| PPTX Presentation Lucy Dann
links Interesting links:
CLIL Methodology and Resources: (English) (Catalan) (English and Spanish)

docs Useful documents:

For class:

PPTX The Spanish and the US education system (English)

PDF Guide for language assistants 2013-2014 (Spanish)

PDF What is the role of a language assistant (English)

PDF Activities for primary school (English)

PDF Activities for secondary school (Spanish)

For personal use:

PDF Learn Spanish in the Balearic Islands (English)

PDF Free conversation course for language assistants in Palma (Spanish)

PDF Accommodation in the Balearic Islands (English)

PDF How to open a bank account (English)

PDF Health insurance information (English)

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