Welcome to the history of the 20 th century has been created to train the teachers of the CEPA Son Canals. As we are enrolled in an European project and the matter of study is history. The communication language is English and a great skill on ICT is also demanded

This webquest has been designed on the template created by: Comunitat Catalana de Webquest which is adapted from the one created by Bernie Dodge . Thank you very much to all of them.

It's almost impossible to mention all the resources used during the creation of this webquest. So, thank you very much to all the people who share their work on the net.

Special thanks to:

•  Sebastià Vidal i Joan (The school headperson)

•  Isabel Peñarubia Marquès (History teacher)

•  Rober Fortea Baixauli (ICT teacher and coordinator advisor)

•  Montserrat Garcia Comino (In service language advisor)

•  Caterina Obrador Estelrich (IT teacher)

This page is for non-profit educational purposes and all the material was acquired in good faith. However, if you hold a copyright to any of the resources used here and you don't want them to be used, please send me an e-mail to: mballe@educaciocaib.es and they will be removed.

My name is Maria Magdalena Batlle Garcia I am an English teacher at CEPA Son Canals of Palma de Mallorca.