Inventing a Christmas song


Your task is to create the lyrics for a song and play it at the Christmas concert.

The lyrics you invent have to be about Christmas, even if it's only to criticize society's hypocrisy.

You will be working in groups of four,

so pick up some of your best hardworking mates!

First, give a name to your group;

then, each member has to choose one of the following jobs:

Writer: in charge of writing the lyrics and handing them to the English teacher.

Conductor: responsible for the accuracy during the performances.

Fashion designer: in charge of the group's look and of finding a unique style for each group member (clothes and hair during the performances).

Manager: in charge of communication, contact person with the English and the Music teachers.

If there are more than 4 members in a group, the additional members will assist the others in any way necessary.