1. This webquest has been designed to help the students to know who Shakespeare was, what he did and his enormous importance in the contemporary literature.
  2. To use English language to communicate.
  3. To know a little of Old English language.
  4. To have a closer view of literature.
  5. Revise some grammar structures.
LEVEL: It has been thought to work with students of 4th of ESO. However, it can be used with students of either superior or inferior courses depending on their level of English.
SUBJECT: It is obvious that this webquest has been thought to work in the English class. However it would be very interesting if there was a share work in the History class and Catalan class. 

HISTORY SUBJECT: The students could know, analyse and study William Shakespeare's society. It would help to understand the context better.

CATALAN LANGUAGE SUBJECT: The students could read the book  La segona mort de Shakespeare.  This reading could be shared with the History class since it is an elaborate history novel.

TIME: It is supposed that at least six lessons will be necessary to work with this webquest correctly.
GROUP ORGANIZATION: I would suggest the teachers to organise the groups of students in order to avoid big differences among the students' level of English. All the students should work in the same way, they won't adopt any special role. It will be very important to work in a comfortable and adequate room. The students will need some kind of material to prepare their posters and presentation.
TEACHERS' ROLE: In some of the activity the teacher's help and guidance would be necessary to simplify the students's work, specially in the interpretation of one of Shakespeare's plays. At the same time, the teacher should try either not to give their opinion, or influence in the selection of their work.

It would be interesting to recors the student's presentation as it is a very helpful tool to let the students revise evaluate their own and others'work.

EVALUATION: Be sure the students know how their evaluation is going to be perfectly. Explain them the starting point of every student is different depending on their level of knowledge and so their evaluation should be.

I would recommend the students to help the teacher to evaluate their own work. That could be decided at the beginning of the first session, the students together with the teacher.