This webquest has been created by M.Paz Terrasa, teacher of Science at S´Arenal High School(1), based on a template downloaded from “The webquest page” by Bernie Dodge.

It has been done during the course “webquest, una eina per treballar amb internet a l´aula(2) offered by Conselleria d´Educació(3) . Govern Balear. Balearic Islands, Spain

Bibliography :Stars and planets. Ian Ridpath. A DK Publishing Book.

Web pages: (search “nasa for kids”)



    (1) S´Arenal, Llucmajor; Majorca Island. Spain

   ((2) “webquest” a tool to work with the internet in the classroom

      (3) Department of Education

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(1) “Webquest, using Internet in the classroom”. Department of Education. Government of The Balearic Islands, Spain.