Teacher’s guide

Ø     This webquest is aimed at the students of First Year of Compulsory Secondary Education.
Students will learn to look for information on the internet to collect data. They will also learn how to record the data in a chart.

Ø     By studying the differences among planets´atmospheres, the kids will understand the life conditions and they will learn why it is not possible in the other planets.

           Contents are:

                  1) Description of the Solar System

                  2) List of planets from the closest to the furthest to the Sun and some

                      of their satellites       

                  3) Other celestial bodies in the Solar System

                  4) Rocky and gaseous planets

                  5) Period of rotation and period of revolution


This activity lasts two or three hours.

The web pages indicated are simple and allow the children to have fun while learning.

The pictures and animations help to understand better the contents.


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